Hydrotherapy is water-based exercises and activity targeted at strength and conditioning.

Benefits can be seen for pre and post-surgery rehabilitation; physical and intellectual disabilities; neurological conditions and those after a lighter intensity mode of exercise.

Water-based exercises can reduce the stress on joints and result in a relaxation feeling of your muscles.

You will receive individualised programming, supervision and guidance in the water.

Sessions are appropriate for all ages, genders and fitness levels.



Firm Foundations is a group session designed to build muscle strength, endurance and stability. Exercises are carefully selected to target your overall condition and functionality.

Firm Foundations will include a variety of resistance and body weight exercises. Intensity and load will always vary. There will cardio exercises to ensure your cardiorespiratory health will be at it’s best.

Join us to be challenged for optimal results and a lot of fun along the way.

Sessions are appropriate for all ages and fitness levels.



Core Values is a mat PILATES session. This class is guided by your physiotherapist and involves controlled movements designed to improve flexibility, build strength and develop body control. You will gain muscle endurance and stability for the entire body.

Exercises are carefully selected to target your core strength, body alignment and breathing.

Sessions have a maximum of 4 people and are designed for all fitness levels. 

1:1 sessions are also available.


Make the most of your lunch hour with Stabilise Physiotherapy's Strength Forge Group Classes. In just 30-45 minutes, you can supercharge your fitness journey, building muscle, strength, and power. Our physiotherapist will lead dynamic, high-intensity sessions suitable for all fitness levels. Whether you're new to fitness or a seasoned enthusiast, our classes will be tailored to you.

Our high-quality gym facility creates a motivating and supportive environment where you can unleash your full potential. Focusing on functional movements, our workouts combine weightlifting and bodyweight exercises to help you reach your fitness goals and elevate your body!

Come along with yourself and your friends for a fun way to stay fit without taking any precious minutes out of your home-time!


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